A few questions

Chapter 5


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I met Dhruv again after two days. Dhruv called me for a meet up. Well, not an official one.

As usual I was lil bit late.

“how are you doing?”

“Doing good ? Dr can we meet tomorrow? Will you be available?”

“Sorry! I have a medical emergency tomorrow. Is there anything urgent? What about the day after tomorrow?”

“Alright doctor”

This time it happened. They met after two days.

“Hi Dr”

‘Hello Dhruv. How are you?”


“By the way, why do you want to meet me?”

“It’s about Avantika Sir”


“A couple of days back, I asked her to write a story based on her thoughts. And, there is something which I noticed in her journal. This is her diary. You can check it out”

“What are you trying to convey?”

“If I am right, her case is not a generally noticed one. In light of my study and observation my analysis is that she had a deeply wounded history. It can possibly be anything small but it had negatively effected her”

“Are you sure?”

“Well, not yet, but at the same time, we can’t ignore that way. Dr if you could assist me with whatever you know about her it would be a great help.”

“Goodness sure”.

“I met her two years ago during a media conference. Later, we continued to be in contact. An ecstatic individual as far as I know. I generally observe a kind of curiosity in her eyes, that is the means by which our bond started building. An inquisitive learner, she loves reading autobiographies. I remember once she gifted me a book ‘Absolute Tao’ on my birthday. Her understanding of me sometimes makes me feel like she is my own daughter. She never holds any feelings for quite a while. Whatever detterents come in her way, she used to let everything go and move on. But whatever I heard from you now had put me in shock.”

“Do you remember anything else?”

“I don’t remember much. Most of our conversations used to be on present and future things. Within months after I met her, she got into an NGO as an intern in Uttarakhand. She was doing social work and was also helping underprivileged children over there. She used to keep me updated about her work and impacts in the village. At times I used to also help her with my suggestions. She was more like a daughter to me.”

“I got it. Alright! Thank you dr. I will update you.”

“Dhruv, should I inform her parents?”

“I think it’s better not now. Let’s see how it goes?”


“Alright and much obliged.”


My thoughts are crowding like a dense forest. Ahuh…no comments please! I know I am bad at using simile’s. I wanted to spit it out somewhere so, I decided to continue with my story.

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Finally, I became Mrs Rahul Raghav. And now it’s been half a year since we were husband and wife.

Once, I found Rahul sitting with both of his hands on his forehead. And, next to him an emptied Chivas Regal. At first, I thought of ignoring him because I never meddled in his matters, but this time I chose to go close to him.

“Rahul, what’s wrong with you? What happened? Are you okay?”

“Anu.. Sit here! I want to talk to you.”

“I sat next to him. I could sense that he is disturbed by something? He looks so worn out.”

“Was there anything wrong with me”

No clue of what he meant I said “No”

“Anu, I am your husband, not just your companion.”

I expected this question one day or the other. I remained silent over his statement.

“Are you okay with me? Do you have any issues?”

“Rahul! Why such sort of questions? It’s more than enough for today. Come, let’s go to sleep”

“Anu wait! I am serious. I am conscious. Don’t think that I am talking over liquor. What reason do you have to run away from me?”

“Rahul! Let’s stop over here”

“Yes, that’s what I really want. Let’s end everything here. Let’s clarify everything”

“Rahul just stop! You know how much I love you”

“Anu, If you love me. You need to express it. If you hold it on your own, you will not get it back. I am a man, a living being. I do have feelings for my wife. If you are having any distress with me, let’s speak the shit out. Let’s solve it. I will always be with you forever and ever”

“I am totally fine. I don’t have any issues”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes”, I nodded ‘yes’ despite the fact that it’s ‘no’.

“Alright! Then for what joy are you carrying this if you are looking for just a companion?”

Before so long, he placed his palm over my mangalsutra and tried to break it.

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“No”, and afterward I hugged him tight but I couldn’t control the cascades from my eyes. We glanced at each other while utter silence circles us. In no time, I was in our bed lying close to him. He came even closer and leaned over me and pressed his lips over mine. His fingers moved across my collarbone. Meanwhile, he took off his shirt and now he is just in his shorts. I couldn’t take off my eyes looking over his abs. He looks super hot with his 6 packs. He daintily kissed over my lower lip. At the same time, his left hand stroked my hair and his right hand rolled all over my body. I melted over his smooth touch. A real fox! He continued kissing all over my face until there was no spot left. Meanwhile, he undressed me. Before long, he occupied inside me.

“Anu, why don’t you speak?”, Rahul! interpreted it in the middle.

“I love you Rahul!”

“I love you as well.”

The next day morning he found a note close to the bed lamp. It is written like this in bold letters,

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With heaps of affection,

your ANU…

To be continued in chapter 6.

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