Isn’t that life?

Chapter 2

Summer in time

I said in my natural tone. “Hello madam, keep your cliche stories aside. This is purely written by me. I just tried a hand. That’s all. Now tell me, how is my handsome Rahul Raghav and his young lady?.”

“Mm.. Okay, good work. Carry own.” I expected her to comment more but she briefed it altogether in just five words.

Now she will definitely ask in a classy voice “Anu don’t you want someone like Rahul in your life?” Are you still clinging to your old vandy candy crush?”.

For a moment Rahul sounded real. It didn’t take a flash of minutes for the words to workout as expected. True to form, she asked the same question.

“Priyamulloralaro varuvanundennu njan veruthe mohikumallo ennum veruthe mohikumallo”,

(These lines are the lyrics from the song Varuvanillaarumee(Malayalam)

which means I simply desire that a loved one shall come one day. Always, I wish.

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“Stop singing! I have been sick of listening to the same from you for years. You are never going to change. You mad muffin stick to the same.” This time her tone was a little brutal.

With an unnoticed tight stretched grin I said “if you know it then for what joy you asked me” and then I left laughter.

“Anu.. Shut up and now look at your phone and tell me the OTP number.”

“What? WTF are you doing?.”

“23086.. Hello, hello..” Before I could ask her a lot, the phone naturally got cut and I realised that it’s 59:59. We spoke for exactly 1 hour according to the telecom system.

Seeing a new notification, I opened whatsApp. Here are a few messages from Sai in black letters with a white background. Well, that is the customized one in it. I never felt like adding any extravaganza into it.

‘Varane Avashyamund’; means ‘groom wanted’. Before her next text message would receive I texted her back. ‘Hey, did you watch it? If not, it’s now streaming on Netflix. Heads up. You will like it’.

Pic credit: Google Images

Soon, came her next message ‘nitwit, I am not talking about the movie. It’s your Kerala Matrimony password. Initially I thought of creating an account in tinder but then later I thought at times it’s better to go conventional. Just try your hand in this too’. She ended the text with a wink emoticon.

I didn’t feel like replying to her. Also, I am not in the mood to view the account. So I simply kept my phone aside and stood near the window.

Indeed, this time there was no wind. I just took a full breath and left a sigh with a plastic smile.

[Varuvanillaarumee Song from Manichitrathazhu (1993) by K. S. Chithra, lyricist- Bichu Tirumala, Music Director- M. G. Radhakrishnan, Record Label: © 1993 Wilson Audios]

To be continued in Chapter 3.
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