A few questions

Chapter 3

Leafless Autumn

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‘Crap! This is so cruel. I would prefer not to get up now, but the urgency is so high that if I don’t get up now I may wet the bed. So I chose to open my eyes, splitting my subliminal thoughts. Fuck! That’s how I start my day. Eee….don’t feel embarrassed!

I have procured a new habit since I got my phone. Every time I see my phone blinking like fireflies. I couldn’t resist taking it in my palm to hold it like a baby. Hope, that’s how the majority of us treat our new phone. I too belong to the same category.

Most of the time the nictating fireflies used to be notification from my phone calendar. As I have a terrible memory, I track the greater part of the things on my phone.

Once it showed ‘Nikitha’s birthday’. Well, Nikitha is my amma’s cousin. You might assume now she is too aged then. Nop, she is 29 if I am not off- base.

Super excited me dialled her number to wish her on her day.”Happy birthday Nikki.”

“Much thanks to you dear. How do you know it’s my birthday?.”

“Well, I keep a good memory record of everybody’s birthday.” My standard strategy of boosting.

“Hehe… Then refresh your memory once again dear. The day after tomorrow is my birthday. Anyway, thank you for your wishes love. I will look you up some other time. I am on the way to the office.” And afterward she cut the call.

Annoyed me opened my phone calendar to see the day highlights. It was written ‘Nikitha’s birthday’ in black in bold font and below it in the ordinary text style ‘3 days more’.

Since after that embarrassing moment I used to check, recheck and double check whether the notification is intended for the proposed date or not.

‘Appointment with Dhruv’ was twinkling on my phone lock screen written in a black bold font beneath it ‘3 days more’. This time I read it fully.

Dhruv Devraj, Clinical Psychologist and Psychotherapist. I have never met him before. We only had conversations through phone calls and text messages.

The day after tomorrow is going to be my first meeting with the young flourishing Psychologist cum model in the city. He is the one who asked me to pen down all my thoughts. That’s how I came up with the idea of writing a book.

It was almost a month back that I decided that it’s better to seek a counsellor. That’s how the idea of ‘yourdost’ sprung up. Initially I found online counselling helpful but later I started feeling discomfort. So I dropped it at the earliest.

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Being hopeless at each stretch, I at last chose to look for help from my Dr Uncle. That’s what I call him but people know him as Dr Ali Abraham. The one who suggested me to Dhruv.

I met Dr Uncle two years ago in a media conference while I was interning in ‘The Times of India’.Well, being a media person from a leading newspaper in the country. It’s a privilege to get to know too many people and too many stories from all walks of life.

Dr Ali is one of the leading cardiac surgeons in the country best known for his down to earth personality. His patients have hundreds of words to say about him.

My degree of curiosity and his patience to answer thrived a solid bond between us. Eventually Dr Ali became my Dr. Uncle and my interning period happened to be a reason for it.

To be continued in Chapter 4.
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