In search of Wisdom

A good dramatic stage show

bagged with emotions

that was all about her ‘Life’

until she drops one among it.

She finally sobbed like an infant not as a vicenarian .

Lost in the midst of thoughtlessness followed by the heavy storm gain an insight into her inner core.

Far from reach she could hear a soft voice, she followed it.

The more near she goes, she could hear several puzzled sounds with more clarity.

“Even wrong paths can reach to the right destination”

The voice is unfamiliar but she could identify the gender. It was a male voice.

“Who are you?” ,She asked

“Someone who does not make himself suffer will never cause suffering to others”

Same voice in different tone this time she asked, “what do you mean?”

“Forcing causes suffering, and whatever is forced upon you becomes a prison”

“Ooh bhagwaan help me out” she screamed.

“Krishna is multidimensional, superhuman, miraculous, but looks more like a myth than a real man”

“Jesus is so sad, so burdened – burdened with the miseries of the whole of humanity. He is good, but too good, almost inhumanly good”

“Buddha is heavenly but the earthly part is missing. He is like a flame, beautiful – but there is no oil, no container”

“Mahavira, Moses and Mohammed are like single notes: simple, austere, beautiful even, once in a while but if it continues you feel bored; you would like to stop it”

This time she didn’t ask anything instead she laughed;

without fear, without hesitation, without limits.

Even today, She still follows him for wisdom, for in search of her bhagwan.

(Inspiration: Osho,

Sources: Few quoted lines are taken from Osho’s several inspired Books)

Pic Credit: Google images
Pic Credit: Google images

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