How Old Are You?

Her most intriguing period passed by like a flitting train in the track.

The time: when she blasted her jaws with ideas.

The time: when flowers shot from her eyes.

The time: when she swam across the river of judgement.

The time: when she flew through the vivacious lights of life.

The time: when she couldn’t distinguish between the superstitious and supercilious.

The time: when she drowned into the sand of love.

The time: when her thoughts and emotions screwed her into an never-ending land of dreams.

The time: When her hope disagree to cope with her.

Tic- Toc, another phase of her life switched by like a minute hand in the clock.

Bum! The story of seven years ended;

There is no more a ‘TEEN’ in her age.

But she like a lioness is heading her way to the unbounded excursion of predetermination.

Pic credit: WordPress free photo library

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