A few questions

Chapter 1

A breezy day

“Varuvanillarumee Vijanamamen Vazhikkariyam…”,

(These lines are the lyrics from the song Varuvanillaarumee from Manichithrathazhu(Malayalam)

meaning ‘I know there is no one to come to this deserted way’ was playing on my favorite 91.9 FM and I was standing beside the window gazing at the empty road allowing the slight Zephyr to brush my hair.

“Anu, come here with your laptop”, amma’s voice hauled me close to her with a hesitant look.

“What amma, what do you want?”

“I want you to open your Kerala matrimony account for me. Do it without any counter questions.”

She is not a variant of any Malayali mom for saying it in one breath without a pause.

I did as she said because I don’t want to have an irritating argument with her again. Suddenly a new notification popped up. Rahul Raghav showed interest in you. I opened his profile this time not because of amma’s force but on my own interest.

Rahul Raghav, 29yrs, 5’9, Software Professional, Salary ₹60 to ₹70 lakhs, Belgium.

“Mm.. He appears to be decent Anu”

Amma sounds impressive. My suspicion was true. His profile seems fairly momentous to my amma as like any other mother who wants their daughter to get hitched to a decent guy with a decent job. His basic preferences of never drinking and never smoking puts him under the so-called decent guy category.

‘To what extent he only knows”

“Huh?, what are you mumbling?”, said amma. For a moment I forgot that amma was aside.

“Na.. nothing maa”

I nodded positively to his interest yet at the same time a racist bashfulness was running my brain. Maybe, because somewhere at some point I felt isolated in my 25 years of journey. It didn’t take much time before I nodded positively to receive a ‘hi’ from him.

“Ehuh ehuh…..(choking) amma, did you keep anything in the gas stove.” Before I could complete the sentence, she ran into the kitchen.

Pic credit: WordPress free photo library

Meanwhile, I replied ‘hello back’. Hi and hello later turned into a fruitful conversation. From matrimony to WhatsApp it didn’t take many days for the messages to change the platform. It’s been around half a year since we have been friends. Still, I do not know much about him or anything about his family, neither he. But, each other’s names for sure. Now, you may ponder what we spoke then during the last few months.

Once I introduced Rahul to my friend cum far relative Sai while we were having an hour long conversation. She intruded while I was speaking and said “Bonehead! Don’t try to fool me. I also read ‘I too had a love story'”. For a while I was like “ugh?”.

Pic credit: WordPress free photo library

To be continued in chapter 2.

[Varuvanillaarumee Song from Manichitrathazhu (1993) by K. S. Chithra, lyricist- Bichu Tirumala, Music Director- M. G. Radhakrishnan, Record Label: © 1993 Wilson Audios]
All Rights Reserved!

All content which is published is a fictional and original work of the author. The content is purely based on authors creative mind. Any similarity to any individual living or dead is coincidental.
For posting, reproducing or replicating the content the author’s consent is must.


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